My Strongmen are Strong Men

If you’ve known me more than 5 minutes, you know that my sons both compete in Strongman.  In case you don’t know what that is, you can check it out here or go on YouTube and search strongman training.  Basically, they lift really heavy weights in the form of strange objects and sometimes they have to move them quickly or sometimes they just need static power, it all depends on the competition. It requires a lot of training, patience, persistence and of course mental and physical strength.

The baby at his first competition lifting the frame at 620 pounds.

The baby is the one that started it all in our family.  He began training for the sport in November of 2015.  After only two months of training he competed in and won his first competition (Jan.16, 2016).  He accomplished some serious feats of strength that day with only a beginners knowledge of the sport, complete confidence in himself and his family there backing him up (which is code for screaming our heads off all day).

Our boys celebrating that first win. The older one supported his little brother all day long. Coaching and pushing when needed.

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First Day of School Picture

Today is the day!  I’m FINALLY going live with the website.  I have been working up the nerve to hit “Publish” for awhile now and decided today to just hit the damn button.  So here I am World, I hope we’re both ready!!

My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have been jam packed with first day of school pictures today.  I love seeing all the cute kids in their freshly purchased clothes, all shiny and excited about a new school year (that will last about a week).  All the parents have them holding cute little signs with their grade, age, teacher etc. (the high school kids look super happy about this) so that 10 years from now they can look back and say “look how cute X was back then, bless his little heart”.  Well, enjoy it parents of school age kids because here is my first day of school picture today…..

Because I just received TWO tuition bills

Because I just received TWO tuition bills

I tried to get my boys to send me pictures of their first days but it would be easier to catch a unicorn that shits rainbows!  Sheesh, college kids.

So here’s to all the parents out there filling out paperwork for the start of a new school year, I’ll be drinking about you!