The Face of Alzheimer’s

November is national Alzheimer’s awareness month, not too many people know that.  It doesn’t get the attention that breast cancer or ALS or many other diseases get.  No one wears a t-shirt saying “I beat Alzheimer’s” because that simply doesn’t happen.  There is nothing happy or encouraging about this disease.  It is a degenerative brain disease that kills 100% of the time.  There is no cure and truly not much slowing it down once it takes hold.

This is what Alzheimer’s looks like. It isn’t pretty.  This is real, raw and painful to see, but please don’t turn away.  Don’t avert your eyes because it’s hard to look at.  This is Alzheimer’s and it SUCKS!!!!!!  This is my mother.

Meet my mom. This is what Alzheimer's look like.

Meet my mom.  Eighteen year “survivor” of Alzheimer’s disease.

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