My Strongmen are Strong Men

If you’ve known me more than 5 minutes, you know that my sons both compete in Strongman.  In case you don’t know what that is, you can check it out here or go on YouTube and search strongman training.  Basically, they lift really heavy weights in the form of strange objects and sometimes they have to move them quickly or sometimes they just need static power, it all depends on the competition. It requires a lot of training, patience, persistence and of course mental and physical strength.

The baby at his first competition lifting the frame at 620 pounds.

The baby is the one that started it all in our family.  He began training for the sport in November of 2015.  After only two months of training he competed in and won his first competition (Jan.16, 2016).  He accomplished some serious feats of strength that day with only a beginners knowledge of the sport, complete confidence in himself and his family there backing him up (which is code for screaming our heads off all day).

Our boys celebrating that first win. The older one supported his little brother all day long. Coaching and pushing when needed.

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Mom’s Mixer

We are having Thanksgiving with our best friends this year in Houston.  So when my friend asked if I could bring dinner rolls and dessert I said, “No problem, I’d love to!” without even thinking. Then it hit me, “Oh crap, I don’t even have a mixer!”  Naturally I didn’t realize this until AFTER I had agreed to make things that require a mixer, flour sifter, mixing bowls etc.  What was I to do?!  Instead of driving all the way to Dallas (6 hours one way) to retrieve my own mixer from my baby son, I called Dad to see if he had Mom’s here and sure enough, he did.  So I hopped on the Polaris and went over to his house to pick up my mom’s mixer.

Mom has had this mixer for well over 30 years and it was HEAVILY used.  It has faded over the years from a golden yellow to a beat up dull not quite yellow color.  I would say 75% of my memories of Mom took place in the kitchen and most of those had her using this mixer.  That would woman could BAKE!  She was rather well known for it actually and always did it with such joy and love.


The Holy mom's mixer

The Holy Grail… mom’s mixer

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What A Year

It has been almost a year since last I did a blog post, and oh my, what a year it has been!  It’s been a crazy busy time with many ups and downs.  The entire family has been through some serious life changing events this year.  Some of these were good and some not so good, but we’ve weathered them together and I think we are doing alright in the end.  Here’s a quick review in photos of what we’ve been up to:

Sunset in Belize (Feb.) with my Sweetie

Sunset in Belize (Feb.) with my Sweetie

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Memorials and Musings

Washington DC is a beautiful city with a very colorful past.  There is so much history in this tiny stretch of land.  Espionage, intrigue, assassinations and assassination attempts, plots and policy all have happened here.  There is no place more thoroughly “American” than this.  On our private tour yesterday, Bill (from Private Tours of Washington) made a comment while we drove down Embassy Row, he said you know you’ve really made it when you become the ambassador for your country and move to the USA.  It’s what all ambassadors strive for.

When you are in DC it seems like there is constant movement and action but sitting on a quiet hill in Arlington Cemetery yesterday, taking photos, I felt a million miles away from everything.  It was peaceful.  It was poignant.  It was moving.  You could feel the tears of every wife and the sacrifice of every soldier in the earth beneath you.  It was as if the land itself was weeping in sorrow for the lives lost while joyfully shouting “your sacrifice is not forgotten”.

The rows of white marble are so profound and moving.

The rows of white marble are so profound and moving.  There are over 400,000 service men and women buried here.

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My Marriage Can Buy A Drink

Our marriage is 21 today!!! Do you know what that means?  Today our marriage is officially an adult and can buy a drink!! While technically we Americans become adults at 18 we all know that you ACTUALLY become an adult when you can walk into a bar and buy a drink.  Well my marriage is there!  So guess what, we are going out to have a drink and be real adults!!

My man & I at a beer festival a week after our 19th anniversary

My man & I at a beer festival a week after our 19th anniversary

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A First Responder Mom’s Plea

I try to stay out of all the trouble making and opinion giving BS that’s out there, however, current events here in the Houston area (and all over America) have finally touched too close to home.  I don’t get fired up over politics and other social issues too often or really ever.  I keep my opinions to myself mostly because my opinion isn’t going to change the mind of anyone else.  BUT these recent events unleashed the mama grizzly in me.


My son is an EMT in the Houston area and his best friend (who I love just as fiercely as my own sons) is a fire fighter.  Both the guys volunteer.  They aren’t paid to run onto a scene and save lives, they CHOOSE to do it, and they are both very good at it and love what they do.  They know that each scene could hold risks for their own lives but they are taking the risk to save others no matter the race, religion or social background of the injured.  Now however, the dynamic of their job is changing and it’s scary.

I keep hearing about first responders being targeted at the moment.  Not just police officers, but fire fighters and EMT’s are now being targeted as well.  These guys have been warned to be on the lookout for violence against them, both on scenes and while on duty in general.  This terrifies me.  My kid could be targeted simply for wearing his uniform in the wrong place.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  They are out there to save lives!  EMT’s and firefighters don’t carry guns or weapons of any kind and they are being targeted by violent groups.  My kid never hurt anyone, he just goes out and saves lives.  That’s it.  Period.

When EMT’s get to the scene, they don’t see your skin color, they see your injury.  When firefighters get to a scene, they see the burning building, not the color of those inside.  They are going to save your ass, no matter what you look like, or die trying.  First responders are there to SAVE LIVES.  When my son gets on a scene, he doesn’t check the skin color or religion of the injured person, he checks their pulse, their breathing, and he sees blood and figures out the best way to stop it.  He doesn’t notice the color of the chest, just whether it’s moving up and down, and if it’s not, he’s going to do everything in his power to get it moving again.  When his best friend runs into a building fire, he doesn’t wait to see what a person looks like, he scoops the person up and gets them the hell out.  Never once in the year’s the guys have been doing all this have they come home and said “I saved a white guy today” or “I saved a black guy today”, it’s always been “I saved a life today”, ALWAYS.

So PLEASE, I beg you, don’t target these guys.  That’s my kids out there.  They just want to save lives, ALL LIVES.  Every life has value.

Our insides are all identical, WE ALL BLEED RED, remember that!



First Day of School Picture

Today is the day!  I’m FINALLY going live with the website.  I have been working up the nerve to hit “Publish” for awhile now and decided today to just hit the damn button.  So here I am World, I hope we’re both ready!!

My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have been jam packed with first day of school pictures today.  I love seeing all the cute kids in their freshly purchased clothes, all shiny and excited about a new school year (that will last about a week).  All the parents have them holding cute little signs with their grade, age, teacher etc. (the high school kids look super happy about this) so that 10 years from now they can look back and say “look how cute X was back then, bless his little heart”.  Well, enjoy it parents of school age kids because here is my first day of school picture today…..

Because I just received TWO tuition bills

Because I just received TWO tuition bills

I tried to get my boys to send me pictures of their first days but it would be easier to catch a unicorn that shits rainbows!  Sheesh, college kids.

So here’s to all the parents out there filling out paperwork for the start of a new school year, I’ll be drinking about you!