It’s Been One Month

It’s been one month today since I lost my husband.  For one month I haven’t held his hand as we fell asleep.  For one month I’ve woken in the night and not felt him lying next to me.  For one month I haven’t heard his voice, seen his smile or felt his arms around me.  For one month I haven’t heard the words “I love you” slide gently from his lips.  How can it have already been one month?  This has far and away been the worst month of my entire life. [Read more…]

Mom’s Mixer

We are having Thanksgiving with our best friends this year in Houston.  So when my friend asked if I could bring dinner rolls and dessert I said, “No problem, I’d love to!” without even thinking. Then it hit me, “Oh crap, I don’t even have a mixer!”  Naturally I didn’t realize this until AFTER I had agreed to make things that require a mixer, flour sifter, mixing bowls etc.  What was I to do?!  Instead of driving all the way to Dallas (6 hours one way) to retrieve my own mixer from my baby son, I called Dad to see if he had Mom’s here and sure enough, he did.  So I hopped on the Polaris and went over to his house to pick up my mom’s mixer.

Mom has had this mixer for well over 30 years and it was HEAVILY used.  It has faded over the years from a golden yellow to a beat up dull not quite yellow color.  I would say 75% of my memories of Mom took place in the kitchen and most of those had her using this mixer.  That would woman could BAKE!  She was rather well known for it actually and always did it with such joy and love.


The Holy mom's mixer

The Holy Grail… mom’s mixer

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